These strange emotional times have inspired my poetry.
I will be sharing a selection of my poems, for the next few weeks.

This week's poem, inspired by my grandaughter...

A Child’s Play

Peek a boo, where are you?

I’m hiding by the tree,

I’m hiding just behind the door,

Calling, “Come, find me!”

Splashing with a paint brush,

The paper’s getting wet,

A fish, A star, a flower,

I haven’t fathomed yet.

I’m climbing through a tunnel,

And falling over balls,

Through and up and over,

Until my mother calls.

Delighted by the colours,

The shapes that rise and fall,

Isn’t fun and playtime,

Just the best for someone small.

Week beginning 5th July...

Unsettled Weather

The day’s unsettled appearance, providing rain again.

A wet covering forming, across the garden paving.

Petals drip weakly, against the shower’s persistence.

The roots reach out, refreshed, establishing their existence.

And then the darkened clouds begin to move and subside,

For the whiter wisps that come through and slowly step aside,

To show the timid blue as the sun’s heat is peeping,

Through the lighter moving clouds where brightness is creeping.

The sun arrives to lighten the darkened drizzling mood,

The fracture in the cloud provides a sweet, warm interlude.

A tempting silent moment, suggesting a summer’s day,

Far too brief to capture, as clouds turn white to grey.

They bring another shower, to drench each plant, each tree,

The changing sky unsettled and troubled just like me.

Last week's poem...

Taken from:

Social Media Frenzy

"Words taken out of context,

Repeating, ranting, rambling.

Misunderstood exaggerations,

Without detailed explanations.

Voices of blame in angered frustration,

Frenzied fingers typing taunting jibes,

To vent the anger that grows inside."


I've just started on the sequel. It will probably take at least a year...

"Rosie laid back quietly in the sun, the flapping wings of pigeons hidden in the branches at the bottom of the garden, disturbing the calm momentarily..." 

Obviously open to change!


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Although my main medium is oil on canvas, I've been having a go at watercolour and have been thoroughly enjoying it!


The Dominican Republic


Quite pleased with this one. Might paint a few more...









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