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My latest Project...

I was asked to paint a mural for the cafe in our local Ukranian community hub. I absolutely loved it! In addition I painted portraits of Zelensky and the poet Taras Shevchenko in Ukrainian colours.

This has kept me busy while also preparing for the local Christmas Art Exhibition...

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Poem this week...

Apedale Walk

A signposted track beneath a stormy-grey sky,

The hopeful bright blue, peeking through.

A slight drizzle dribbles, till dark clouds pass by.

Steadily treading along the tufted grassy path,

We are sheltered from showers under trees.

We struggle over roots and the muddy aftermath.

Across fields of cows watching, we are rambling

over slippery wooden style to grey gravelling,

onto the beaten stone and mud tracks unravelling.

Then under branches, back into a wooded bower,

Just in time before a torrential down pour,

Against the trees we cling to avoid the heavy shower.

Cowering beneath the trees, beneath the leaves,

We shelter briefly as best as we can,

And wait till the heaven brighten in the breeze.

Walk out to reveal the luscious fields of green,

a damp wind and distant misty impression,

behind, the path to show where we have been.

In front the man-made path through rumpled grass,

We make our way ahead through farmers’ fields,

Over styles, through hedges and gates we pass.

Beside the lanes the random growth of flowers instead

of thistles, stinging nettles and swaying grasses,

The joy of colour of wild flowers in their watered beds.

To the horizon, to dips and climbing hills,

tired, we traipse the endless winding trail,

back to the car. A satisfied walk, an outdoor thrill.

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Poem this week...

Unsettled Weather

The day’s unsettled appearance, providing rain again.

A wet covering forming, across the garden paving.

Petals drip weakly, against the shower’s persistence.

The roots reach out, refreshed, establishing their existence.

And then the darkened clouds begin to move and subside,

For the whiter wisps that come through and slowly step aside,

To show the timid blue as the sun’s heat is peeping,

Through the lighter moving clouds where brightness is creeping.

The sun arrives to lighten the darkened drizzling mood,

The fracture in the cloud provides a sweet, warm interlude.

A tempting silent moment, suggesting a summer’s day,

Far too brief to capture, as clouds turn white to grey.

They bring another shower, to drench each plant, each tree,

The changing sky unsettled and troubled just like me.

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